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Vijayawada,February 7,(
If you want something ... something happened ... this is not a song. VSIP leaders That's the mess. Why our ritual is burning. How is the authority to go to the head of the case? Is the current conflict. At this time .. please do me the seam .. your seats .. yours. Many of our MPs have won, but that's what you say. A leader of the party Jagan Mohan Reddy has been campaigning in the party to commit Modi. 


The TDP leaders are also openly criticizing this issue. As part of the plan, the BJP MLA has been involved with Somu Veerraju for sticking to Chandrababu. At the national level, seniors like Amit Shah and Jaitley are saying that they will be TDP in 2019. The BJP leaders in AP are different from that. More. In the midst of a spiritual teacher, WPC MP Vijayasai Reddy .. MLM and Somu Veerraju are also on the strength of suspicions. However, all of these are part of a political strategy like the VCP .. So far, the party seniors who have struck tanks. That's why .. the politics are good. That's all .. inch .. the AP is trying to be able to open another new story to believe the community .. TDP leaders are criticizing. Part of it is going to be called bandh on 8th of this month. Anything .. Placemakers .. the loses .. their heads are .. they are bringing new implications .. the VCP sequences are gossiping.

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