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Warangal, February 28,(
The education department is serious about the use of cell phones during school hours. In school classrooms, teachers were able to work on corrective conversations with students talking to cellphones, online chat and social media rather than lessons for students. The District Education Department has ordered the authorities to take the use of phones in schools and take strict action. On August 6, the school education commissioner Kishan issued the order. These Terms will be implemented in Kasturba Gandhi Schools earlier. After that, all other public schools were ordered to be implemented. Special Officers, Teaching and Non-teaching staff in KGB have been ordered not to use phones on the campus. The teachers in KGB will need to deposit their cell phones at Special Officers. 


After the school time is over, the cell phone has to be retrieved. Students' cell phone use is completely prohibited and the special parent's Special Officers in Emergency are permitted to speak to the phone. The phone details of the phone speaker must be recorded in registrars. There are 2,865 girls in 15 Kasturba Vidyalayas in the district. Each KGBB has about 19 teachers. These orders are applicable to all. Subsequently, government schools and Aided schools will be prohibited from using cell phones. Authorities have said that students have a good education course by banning cellphone use in schools. Officials feel that there is no barrier to the classroom management if the use of cellphones is not in schools, and teachers are likely to be busy with their phones at work hours. District Education Officer, Nodal Officer, Sectoral Officer and Mandal Education Officers will be conducting the use of cell phones. Strict measures must be taken if the cellphones are found in the school premises. Teachers are also concerned about the issuance of such orders at the time when students are prepared for the tenth-grade exams. The academic orders are good to take good results in public schools. Even such orders did not come to execution. This time the education department is determined to be able to implement the situation without any difficulty. The Education Advisory has warned that there is no question of lagging behind the orders of the cell phone and there is no need for stringent action.

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