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Vijayawada,February 6,(
Minister Yanamala has been prodding the budget for the next fiscal year. Meeting with the existing groups has been given suggestions and suggestions. Meeting with officials from various departments. Ministers were summoned to their bureaucrats before issuing bidet proposals to the finance minister.


Ministers have appeared in the Vellalpudi Secretariat with reviews from the officials of the Department of State budget for the next fiscal year. Finance Minister Yanamala Ramakrishnan is holding a review meeting with Ministers of various departments while ministers have held meetings with the officials and held the reviews. Ministers met first with their branch officials and discussed additional funding and new schemes. 

Ask the authorities to ask for additional funding under any of the funds. With the arrival of top officials and ministers, the Secretariat has been in trouble. Minister Yanamala has also come to the attention of allocating funding, but not all of the funds allocated to the respective branches under various stakeholders. Additional funds have been advised to adjust to unpaid funds. He also suggested that steps should be taken to secure funding from the center as much as possible. Most of the funding from schemes like Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan. The funding from the Center would also be spent and the state government would also add the share.

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