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New Delhi, February 1, (
Narendra Modi Sarkar has been especially focused on rural India in the wake of general elections next year. On Thursday, the budget was introduced to the farm sector. This year's biggest decision is to increase the minimum support price for farmers' grain.

                                             A LARGE PLATEAU FOR AGRICULTURE

The minimum support price of these rabi crops has been decided to stay one-half times (150 percent higher than the cost of production). Jaitley said that the establishment of organized farming and mass farming practices is of high priority.By 2022, we will strengthen the farmers of the country by the 75th Independence. We increase the support price of 1.5 times the rate of 150 percent. It will come into effect from this rabi season, he said. We will take measures to ensure that the price of the price is equal to or higher than the market price. For this purpose, we will carry out a clear and straightforward approach to the governments of all states. It is revealed that the E-Nam system has already been successfully implemented. 22,000 rural agri-cultures across the country are going to be launched to strengthen the farmers. 

These agri-marks will be set up with an investment of Rs 2,000 crore. The rural employment guarantee in the clusters and coordination of other central government schemes will be connected to aggregators through online. The central government is supporting the collective farming system (Cluster model cultivation). We are going to implement a cluster model from March 2019. Jetti said, "We are going to build large roads through the Prime Minister's Rural Yojana to get the crops grown in remote villages.

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