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Vijayawada, January 17, (
The Telugu Desam Party will see this as a ready-for-election with the caste mobilization. TDP has been criticized as just a social group. It can be said that Chandrababu is tactically pursuing the seal of the impression by the next election. By the next election, the social community voted to become crucial to vote bank.

 That is why, the topic of the reservation of the Kapus has been to some extent to be able to reach that category. As Reddy's area has attracted the social welfare leaders in the party, now the TDP faction talks about joining the prominent Kapu leader in the capital area. The name that is being heard in this sequence ... Vaikappa leader Vangveeti Radha! Now that Bezawada has become the subject of debate in politics! It is already reported that some consultations have been made to call Vangavati Radhana to the party. The social welfare of the Kapu community has been the name of the most important Vangavati Ranga. After the division of the state, this name was once again known. Almost three decades after his death, he still remembers the social community. However, his wife Vangavati Ratnakumari then came into politics.

 But, it has not been active for a long time. After that, Vangavati Ratha also came into politics as the successor of Ranga. In the last election, he lost from Waikato and lost. Earlier, they lost from the PRP and lost. Only in 2004 he was elected MLA. He is now in Vaikappa .. Not much active. It is said that since the city party's responsibilities were removed, he was more dealt with! However, it is because he is unable to handle party responsibilities effectively. In the meantime, the question of why the attempts to invite him into the tailgio are naturally coming up. The Vangavati family background is a major attraction of TDP. When the family name is heard, the Kapu community has some recognition and affection. In recent times, some leaders have joined in Vaikappa ... There is no clarity about the possibility of coming to Vangavity Radha on behalf of the party in the next election ... TDP is trying to make these developments in favor of them. For a few days, TDP invites you to discuss the topic of the invitation ... The importance of Radhakrishnan in the NCP ... The two things that TDPy need to have a waist leader are so strong that TDP's efforts seem to be liable

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