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Warangal, Jan 23, (
That's all ... Vatudindinai is the beginning of the festival in the backyard and the medaram is universally universal. It is known as the largest tribal festival in Asia. With the advent of millions of devotees, gold has come from the wildlife and how to get rid of the mushrooming of the wi-fi WiFi services, all the long hauls. Devotees are moving from Madhya Pradesh and Odisha . The main partnership in the world is shared. They are also coming from the northeastern states. From America, Australia, Germany, Canada and other countries, there is a blessing. NRIs who went abroad for employment and employment, increased their interest in foreigners by looking at them with a sense of meditation and a million people.
                                THE MEDARAM IS...UNIVERSAL AS THE GREAT FOLK

 It looks like a celebration that is not seen in any world around the world. Foreigners, who have learned from the social media and the Internet, can come to understand the blend of medieval climax. This is the biggest event in Asia. The great progress has been made by the governments for over two decades and providing all facilities for the devotees. The Madras emperor Samarakkam Samarasamatha is said to have begun in the twelfth century by the Kakatiya emperor Prataparudra. In the first place, Because of the then village status, there is no financial opportunity to celebrate the Koyas, because the bandh was stuck by Bhupatiya, Jogayya and Rama. On January 6, 1944, the committee was appointed to hold the jatha in the then Tahitian paddy field. Local elders could not hold the jatha. In the end, Medaram was handed over to the priests. The jatha was held in 1946. Then the revenue of 17 thousand 173 rupees. At the same time, the elders said that other tribal areas of the state also came in. In 1962, By that time, the area was clear. Devotees do not have transportation facilities. The bulls were molded. On the way, the wild beasts come forward. Get back to the devotee of the devotees. Devotees believe that there is no danger to anyone with the glory of Amma. The population of the village was 143. Of these, 121 were from the cow and the rest were 22 others.

All the devotees were camping around their huts. Since 1968, it has come under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of External Affairs. After that, Santosha Karkari was appointed as the President of the Board of Trustees. Emily Ellarayya, not only Narsaiya, Chanda Babu Rao, Siddha Munidhar and Siddha Lakshmana Rao were appointed as the Pujas. In the year 1980, Madamaraman became famous with the initiative of Baba Reddy. At the same time, the jatha income reached a record 4 lakhs 50 thousand. On February 2, 1996, the then Collector Ajay Mishra was declared a state festival. In 1998, the Adivasi Adivasi Adivasi Adivasi Adivasi Adivasi Adivasis said that in 1998, the collectors were granted a grant of 3 crores in the Mishra Medium and the permanent structures were taken for the construction of the temple. Prior to the jatha, only devotees came to the devotees. Today is a trending trend. The year was coming and Michael was handing over. With increased accommodations and transportation facilities, the country is also coming from overseas, not from overseas. Devotees come from the month before the jatha is approaching a few years. Now the ritual is 365 days. I am going to sell and go to Mocks. The development of the day of the day is universalized by the cold mothers sander. Edelbundle is the main transport facility in the first place. The RTC company gave the bus facility in the 1970s, when it was 110 km away from Warangal. Then the buses run in a small amount. Those who are rich in the buses. Over time, transport facilities have gone up. The road facilities are improved. RTC buses and private vehicles have increased. Gradually decline the number of adolescents. Currently, 4,200 buses have been set up by RTC in 2018. Millions of cars and other private vehicles are coming. Since 2010, the government has also provided a helicopter support. All types of freight services have grown exponentially, except the railroad. The helicopter is coming from Edelbunds' level on Sunday.

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