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Hyderabad, Jan 25, (
The major parties are prepared to implement the same strategy in Telangana, as the Gujarat elections have created sensationalism in national politics. There is a strong competition between the cast politicians and the victory here. Here are the two parties who are competing for the weaker sections of the weaker sections. Let's look at a strategy now ...

                                            TEA CONGRESS IN GUJARATH FORMULA

In the recent Gujarat elections, Patel movement leader Hardik Patel and OBC leader Alpesh Thakur created a sensation for Dalit women and Jignesmavani.
The Bharatiya Janata Party is gaining grounds. Even if the Prime Minister goes to campaigns, the power has gone to the polls, but the BJP has been able to influence politics. The Telangana Congress and the BJP are trying to implement the same strategy in the next electionCongregations in Gujarat, including the fight for the socialist parties to challenge the established BJP. The BJP has also got the honor of Rahul Gandhi, who has become a stronghold of AICC. The Telangana Congress initiated efforts to implement the same strategy. There is a discussion in the party that no AICC leaders are going in the field without consulting the leaders of the state level and consult with the weak and weak leaders.

The Congress is trying to wake up now and the BJP is in the same two and three years. Last year, the BC Welfare Commission nationalist R Krishnaiah, the chief of Empires, has been discussing with meekness. There was a campaign that prompted the party to join the party at a level. R Krishnaiah and Munda Krishna were also discussions during the visit of party national leader Amit Shah Rashtra.
That's why the BJP is making crazy efforts to turn the leaders of the social movement into their hands. That is why the leaders of the two parties have queued up to take the form of the EmkaPs leader Madan Krishna in the Chanchalguda jail. The leaders of the two parties are discussing a similar strategy behind the support of two parties three and three times. MR. The leaders of both the parties are in agreement with Krishnaiah. By the polls, they are predicting that they are on the side of the community members of the community. They are also in the process of turning the tribal leaders towards them. The Adivasis that are taking place today are trying to turn them towards the Lanka panchayat government. Congresses in Telangana ... BJPs are predicting ... Jignes Mehani in Gujarati ... Alpesh Thakur and Arthi Patel at the level of Manga Krishna, R Krishnaiah in Telangana... Whether the tribal leaders will influence ...

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