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Warangal, Jan 10, ( federal government has been organizing a cattle function for over five years. Under the auspices of the Department of Veterinary Affairs, a fortnightly count of 101 people will be counted with 101 enumerators across the district. This month, a team of directors who are going to go home will be uploaded online. 4,500 homes were assigned to each enumerator. Every animal count is recorded in records ranging from chickens to horses. The Government of India carries out animal feed for five years.

 It is desirable that the animal will be celebrated this month. For the first time since the beginning of the cattle in the country in 1919, 19 occasions have been carried out so far. The faculty is arranging the setting up of the 20th anniversary of the Central Government's order of the Department of Veterinary Affairs to take this calculation. Establishment of an enmarer in 4,500 homes in the district will be calculated from every poultry to horses. They have been uploaded to websites mentioned in the tabs given by Sarkar from time to time and are willing to calculate by the end of February. Official orders of Nederepto will come up with already oral orders.

 According to the central government's orders, the Animal Husbandry Department is arranging to calculate the living creatures in each house. All animal husbandry, including their livestock, their income, education, meat shops and poultry numbers, will be counted. Dogs, horses, horses, pigs, turkey chickens, camels and ducks, including cattle, buffalo, sheep, goats .... Every creature that has any owner in his own house is going to have records. According to the All India Census figures in 2012-13, total white cattle totaled 2.8 lakh, buffaloes 2.99 lakh, sheep 8.8 lakhs, goats 2.88 lakhs, chickens 25.28 lakhs and dogs 28 thousand. However, after five years, it is possible that the toilet is fresh and there is a possibility of higher decreases. With the mechanical flow of agriculture over time, the number of buffalo, cows and bulls has declined significantly. The number of poultry poultry has grown significantly, even as the number of strawberries has decreased. The number of domestic dogs is still high. The department has selected 133 personnel to complete the livestock by the end of February this year, including 101 enumerators in rural areas at 4,500 houses and 6,000 houses in urban areas. A total of 32 people will be responsible for five supervisors for five enumerators. They have Rs. 5 will be renewed.

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