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Ongole, January 18, (
Nature of wealth is deteriorating due to the negligence of mining officials and the cost of crusher managers. With the blast of the likes of the crops, life has not been safe. Farmers were losing their lives with blades of blasting.

Dadal Muttu often come to the nearby residents of the neighboring residents to walk in the middle of the horror of the heart. There are rocks that have been landscaped near the village of Ramakuru in Jeppagalur Mandal. Some 50 quarries have been set up to look after the village to convert them into illegal mining. Some of the quarries set up here have only a government order.The hammer merchants holes in the hills that are adjacent to the village, drilling with drilling and exploding the explosive material. At the time of blasting, people who are near the blast are hurling rocks at the bottom without any warning. 

The walls of the house were damaged by blasting. The boulder pieces that were lifted onto the shelter were about half a kilometer away. Some of the injured farmers were killed and some were injured. It is said that the stones on the laborers are wounded by the heavy blasting. The pipes in the crops are crumbling and the loss of the engine is damaged. In the past, Shake Gafoor and Pappuram Krishna were killed when a blast broke out during the blasting. A young man from Madhya Pradesh died four days ago. The villagers allege that mining officers were looking for inspections and handcuffs. They want to prevent illegal mining and blast the rules. I have two fields on the hill next to the hill. Boring has plenty of water coming out. In the field of pastime, we have cultivated paddy crops. The suburbs have cropped up the hills. In these hills are blasting. Four days ago I was working in the field and was packed. The rain fell near me. If I had to live with it, I could only work and go to that side. No matter how many times the authorities have been able to do it.

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