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Eyewear eye on heavy registrations

Warangal Rural, January 8, ( Income Tax Department focuses on transactions, transactions and transactions related to stamps and registries. Rs. More than 30 Lakhs of Income Taxes According to the IT department, the department has sought to get the details of the details of all sub-registrar offices in the joint district, 2016-17. Subsequently, the details of last year's registration in the office of the Registrar office were sent to the State Office. The details of the soldier collected along with the acquisitions were collected. The IT department will focus on those who have sold their assets or have collected money from where they have purchased, have taken loans, used their own money or paid income tax. However, the DIG Registrar of Stamps and Registrations issued the order to issue the documents to the state office till July 15. Eventually the information was sent to the state office. But every year Officials said the details of the registration will be over 5 lakh. But Rs. 30 lakhs will be sent by special stoppers. The Warangal Joint District is divided into five districts, with the creation of new districts, with the introduction of ventures and pots with the possibility of land value. There are also multi-story home constructions. Government employees and traders are buying them. People in abroad also focused on purchases. Those in the rural areas are also struggling for the education of children. They are also expressing the view that land value is rising as they focus on buying the plot. The Parrikar Sub-Registrar, however, had earlier in Parasala, Sampapeta, Regonda, Mogulalapalli, Chitrala, Ganapuram and Bhupapalapalli mandals, especially from Bhupalapally, officials said. But Jayasankar Bhupalapalli district was formed as new district and Bhupalapalli Moolam registration office was connected to it. In the parallel registration regiments, only parasakal and compost zones are available in the Parikala Sub-Registration Office. The registration number of assets worth over Rs 30 lakh was low but it was sent to each year and the details of the registrations in the Paragraph Sub-Registration Department were sent.

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