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Adilabad, Jan 23, (
Many farmers did not get help from the Adilabad area for 30 days after the Yasgi season. They do not have penny in their hand to look to banks for financial reasons. On the other hand, the lone farmers for the last crop are being nursed to receive this loan. There are about 1.22 lakh farmers in the district. 4.97 lakh acres will be part of kharif. An annual target of Rs 1328.53 crore has been set aside for loans to them.

                                                   EXEMPTION FROM FARMERS

The target of the monsoon is Rs 996.43 crore. However, the farmers received Rs 910.28 crore. In Rabi, 45,000 acres will be cultivated. The Yasgi loan target was fixed at Rs 332.10 crore. However, till now, farmers have received Rs 36.16 crore. This statistic is to find out that farmers in Adilabad area have not been provided with proper lending.There are reports of cash shortages for crop loans offered by banks. It is difficult to get cash, because some people are lending money to them. On the other hand, many farmers are falling for crop loans. Some people are unable to get a loan because they do not get papers from scissors.

The names of the names, the survey numbers and other details are incorrect. The bureaucracy program is in the process of correcting mistakes. It is reported that bank loans are likely to stay until new passbooks are coming. The district should have a debt target of over Rs 2,000 crores under cultivated area. But in the past year, Rs 1328 crores in the name of Yasagi is being paid in the wake of the loan plan every year. Most farmers are dependent on the Dalits. Farmers now want to make arrangements to respond to the government and the relevant official authority to provide crop loans.

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