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Medak, January 18 (
Chief KCR said that 500 double bedroom houses will be granted to Medak district Tupran. A 50-day public hospital was opened at TKR Puram, KCR, in Medak district on Wednesday. KCR said on this occasion.
             CM KCR AT MEDAK TOUR

Thupranan has been sanctioned Rs 5 crore. Tuapran has been awarded with Degree College and Vaikunta Dhama. How much money will you make for bigger beauty? In Tupran, Rs 20 lakh will be set up for Shaadi. Gajewal constituency is scheduled for two days. Auditorium will be set up at a cost of Rs.1 crore at Mandal centers in the constituency.

Earlier in the Gajwel, the Wez, Nanwez market yard construction work was under review. Mr. Gajewal toured Sangapuram in the Panchayat range of Panchayat. Officials explained to the Chief Minister the construction of the double bedroom house by the photo gallery. Ministers Laxma Reddy, Jogu Ramanna, MP New Prabhakar Reddy and deputy speaker Padmadeemedar Reddy are accompanied by CM.
Prior to Medak tour, the Chief Minister opened 102 service vehicles in People's Plaza of Hyderabad Hyderabad. At the time of pregnancy, hospitals were able to use 102 vehicles to be added after the delivery. As many as fifty 108 bike ambulances have been set up to travel to remote areas during emergency. Gps technology has been set up in two hundred 102 service vehicles. Home Minister Nayani Narsinhareddy, Minister of Health and Family Welfare Lakshma Reddy, Minister of Animal Husbandry Thalasani Srinivas Yadav participated in this event.

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