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Hyderabad, Jan 27, (
Ram Charan Teja is busy producing 'theater', Sukumar. The first teaser of this film has already arrived. That's the response.
                                          BUMPER TO SUKUMAR IF THE FIELD HITS

How are the Telugu heroes usually seen? In the country look to see the heroes of the heroes, Charan is seen with a grown beard and masonry cloth. The first teaser is giving signals that the film is going to be sensational. Approaches to the film have grown to a large extent with the release of Tesar. In this order .. another story is also heard. Chiranjeevi is also going to make a film with Sukumar. Currently, he is busy with 'Sira Narasimha Reddy' Megastar. After the film is completed, a baby has a penalty for Boyapati.

At the same time, Sukumar has heard a subject that said, "Chiranjeevi, almost half an hour, heard a story of Sukumar. It is also heard that Megastar is impressed. The cheek is also excited to work with Sukku to do diversified films. If you are super hit .. Sukku and Chiranjeevi's combo movie is a guarantee.

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