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Vijayawada, Jan 25, (
Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu went to Davos in Switzerland to attract investments.

                                              BRAHMANI HULL CHAL IN DAVOS

 Besides him, IT department minister Nara Lokesh, ministers, and officials are present. Lakshmi is not ... his wife Nara Brahmani participated in this convention. Heritage Puds is known as the CM. That's why she is participating in the Davos Summit as Women's Entrepreneur. But uncle Chandra Babu is not Bava Lokesh. He is participating in the conference. Representatives of more than four hundred large companies in the world are participating in this event. That's why he is going to participate in the conference with his business development and investments.Lokesh is making efforts to attract IT investments to AP. Chandrababu Babu's daughter and Nara Brahmani who is Lokesh's wife are not interested in AP development though it is interesting to go there. They are trying to reach 2 lakh IT jobs in the next two months. Brahmani attended a meeting of industrialists. Brahmin husband Lokesh is also assisted in IT jobs, including investments in AP. Brahmani has become a brand ambassador of AP in conventions of industrialists along with industrialists. The role of her partner in the difficulty of the IT sector and rural development as a Lokay minister is praiseworthy. Brahmani has been campaigning for the forthcoming elections.

 She told me that if she came to prominence in Guntur, she did not come into politics. She seems to be involved in the campaign. Brahmani is in caste in public as the Hindu MLA is Balayya's daughter. That is why he will campaign in elections. That will be the result of the discussion in the TDP. Interestingly, the discussion is about whether Chandrababu will agree. In Telangana, CM KCR, his son Ketiar, KCR's daughter Kavitha and nephew Harish Rawas were driving the wheel. As well as from the Chandrababu family, Brahmani politics is good. Vijayamma and Sharmila are already in politics from the Jagan family. Vijayamma contested ... sharmila campaign is limited. In the coming days, Jagan's wife Bharathi will come into politics. Then politics is going to be very promising.

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