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Sattenappalli, January 22 (
The incident took place in Sattanapalli town in Guntur district after the boyfriend committed suicide. The boyfriend of the girlfriend Aruna had been stabbed fourteen times by her boyfriend Ramanjanes. Aruna is seriously injured and is being treated at the Prewive Hospital. Ramanjans are traveling in various districts along with the town of Satlapapalli.

                                         ATTACK ON GIRLFRIEND..HIS ASSASSINATION

In this setting, the Ramanzanes were introduced with Aruna, who had been in promotions in Vijayawada. That love has become love. She brought her from Vijayawada and placed her in the pillars. Both of them have been married for the past three years. However, he has raised suspicions about Aruna from days gone by. She was warned about this. There was no change in the behavior of the devotees on Sunday night and there was no one in our house.

 Sivanamapalli sattanappalli is calling the house on the street. She advocated a change of time with her. Then she knocked her indiscriminately with a knife. Then he succumbed to himself. The situation in Ramananes is stable while the situation is stable.

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