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Unmarried persons has heart disease...

Hyderabad, December 21, ('Do not marry me?' But if you know this, then you have a heart attack. Because the risk of heart diseases is greater than those who are not married to married people. The American Heart Association has revealed this. The risk of death in unmarried patients is more than 40 per cent higher than that of a married cardiologist. The survey was conducted under the auspices of Professor Arshade Kuummi of Amore University, Atlanta, USA. As part of the survey, 6,051 patients were tested. The divorced, separated, separated, husband or wife of the dead have been identified as having the risk of dying in heart disease ever. This research examined the health conditions of patients for nearly four years. However, the survey revealed that people who are already facing heart problems are at risk and do not disturb individuals who have no heart problems. However, it does not specify that this threat will be for those who are not married for any reason. In this background it is advisable for those who are unmarried individuals to be diagnosed with heart diseases.

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