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The case should be registered against Mahesh's katti

The case should be registered against Mahesh's katti
Raja Singh is a Mandi in the tweet.

Hyderabad December 9 ( Singh, BJP MLA, blamed Mahesh for killing Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Raja Singh was criticized by his Twitter account, saying it was unlikely that Prime Minister Narendra Modi should be charged for the worst publicity of the news. Asked about the Hyderabad city police to register a case against Mahesh's knife compared with Modi, he asked in the tweet. The Hyderabad City Police responded to this tweet and said, 'We will share the relative officer for the correct actions. Thank you ". "Sekhar Kammula is a bad chef to put you together with a murderer like Modi, to make you elect and campaign with the communal forces! Has Modi been in Gujarat just as much as the Prime Minister? Pawan Kalyan has been in a hurry to comment on his tweet. Film cricketer Mahesh's knife has been reported to be critical of Pavan Kalyan, who has been criticizing Jasan's party supremo Pavan Kalyan.

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