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Telangana municipality has two scratch awards...

Hyderabad December 20 ( Telangana Ministries Department, which is running on reforms, has won two scotch gold awards. In Indian satellite research, the state-owned National Remote Sensing Partnership, using Indian government satellite "Bhuvan", has an integrated technology (geo tagging) for 12 lakh buildings in 72 towns in the state with advanced technology and each building has been identified by satellite and their property number connected. This allows you to find out about every single building site, its status, neighborhood, property, and housing details. With the help of staff in municipalities, the building and property taxes of each building allow people to see through the Bhuvan web software from anywhere in the world. Also, the details of the building's predecessors, sales, and other details are also available, by linking the details with the registration department. Any controversy or bans on the building can be heard by the citizens. Transparency and Information Labeling can be achieved through this, Dr. GK Sridevi No. SG said. Such a process has been done in the country for the first time in the country. This will also facilitate better ranking in our state easy business approach. Transparency through this approach is evident that new buildings are being built without permission. Similarly, property tax evacuation of buildings that have already been identified by 20,000 and the property tax has begun. This will allow the earnings of the towns to grow without raising property tax. In addition to the details of the records, the details of the surveys obtained by the satellite were also revised to adjust the taxes which were to the records and started to increase the income. The Department of Poor has brought Sankaras as it increases revenue and transparency. It was awarded to the Skach Institute award. The latest survey in Nalgonda town, using the new mobile technology and land-based technology system, has doubled the existing asset tax revenue by doubling its value. Also, details of tiles that are not taxable are identified. The building owners intimated the reforms like record cleansing by linking their Aadhaar number with details. The survey has begun to bring this policy across the state with the success of this survey. An award for this approach has been given two more scaku awards.

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