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Reduce action over Roja...

Visakhapatnam, December 6, ( MLA, who walked about the Galeur-Nagari project, came to Tirumala in Tirumala during the end of Roja. On this occasion, 50 people accompanying him were demanding the TTD officers to lift the AL-1 passes for the VIP visa. The TDP leader and MLC Rajendra Prasad expressed deep anger over the high drama on this occasion. Everybody is equal before God, and he wants to get over the Roja. He condemned her inadequate comments on the officials. Roja asked her to withdraw her criticism and said she had forgotten that she had already taken action on the alleged violations in the SVBC channel. Roja asked everyone to give her a copy of the AL-1. This led to the Roja of TTD officials. In addition, the demand for more than 10 people was given to the L-1 passes. When Teddy's officers could not come, he came to meet with Shiva. Later Jayu Srinivasa Raju made suitcases to the government and he was convinced that he was in office for seven years. The MLA was angry with the authorities for lure him without L1.

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