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Rayalaseema fight !!! Verma...

Kadapa, December 18, ( Verma once again got involved in the controversy. Recently, Vamaya released a video series titled 'Kadapa' on the Rayalaseema Reds as a climax of violence and fraud. Varma movie is a sensation, but the debate is free promotion for his movies. Recently another controversial subjects were selected by the government. Verma announced on the website of 'Rayalaseema Reds' that Verma announced last Friday's Kadapa trailer. Verma has made it clear that the violent sequences, filled with sex content, and the name of the karif address for the controversy. The censor board disclosed what he had to say in his movies, revealing his creativity through the whole YouTube. Famma Amma is in the seat of the mother .. If the mother is the royasya .. the sanctum sanadam kadapa .. It is the history of Rayalaseema Redu Vadamma Kadappa told the story of Kadabha that he knows in the trailer of Vadra. However, Rayalaseema is a calm, showing that the feeling of faction of the people of the country hurts the sentiments Leaders of the Rayalaseema Liberation Committee are demanding Verma's arrest. Vandana was arrested in Anantapur at Trianthown police station on Sunday. Ram Gopal Varma is going to entertain the people who have taken a lot of entertainment. Seeman people are being demonized and demonized .. These young people will lose a lot. If Varman is not arrested immediately, he is ready to file a PIL on the court, say the leaders of the Rayalaseema Liberation Group.

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