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Vizianagaram, December 19, ( of the Maharaja's Sanskrit College, Vizianagaram, the oldest in southern India, College survival is questionable as there is no admission in the college for the last five years. The school was founded by Vijayanagara gazals in 1860. It has been under government control since 1957. Despite having upgraded from school to college, no student has been interested in joining in the past five years. This college, which once was flooded with Vedic Ghats, is now going to the students. For the past five years, a student, a principal and a watchman, is putting the college up. The student will also complete a five-year integrated course with March next year. Will this college continue? Or close? The question arises. A few students from the pastor's school adjacent to the Sanskrit College previously joined this Sanskrit college. That situation does not look like today. The students are averse to learning the courses because the Vedas are not available for employment in government terms. Another reason for the absence of accommodations is the lack of scholarship for students admitted here. In the meanwhile, students in Tamil and Sanskrit two subjects have been asked to write exams. The Telugu exam is conducted by the Andhra University and the Sanskrit Subjects are run by Sri Venkateswara Vedha University in Tirupati. In this way a single student is going to be tested in two varsities. Principal Swapnahanandvi said that students of Vedas in Sanskrit College are not entitled to join the college because they do not have employment. There were 13 students who were studying here at the Ramanarayana Temple here. The students were inclined towards giving them a job in the dining room and the TDD. This college was abandoned. If the government is still taking the right action, it is unlikely that the college should be closed in due course.

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