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Lagadapati shift to Guntur...

Guntur, December 20 ( campaign is going on in the party circles that Lagadapati Rajagopal will contest as TDP Guntur MP candidate. The original leagues are not in politics. No party joined. Talking about such a person's tapping and giving him a Guntur ticket is going on. At the same time, Guntur MP Gullah Jayadev is being sent to Chittoor district. He will contest from Chandragiri in the forthcoming elections. Chavireddy Bhaskar Reddy from Chandragiri was elected MLA. Once again, he is not easy to win there. That is why he sends Jayadev to the assembly. It is known that the Ganga Mampi, the goddess of the Rampapati Sambasiva Rao, was changed to Narasaraoppa. But the victory did not leave the flavor. Aliapati is already saying that he does not contest in the upcoming elections. Instead, he suggests bringing the son to politics. That is why he is going to be chosen as Guntur MP by Lagadapati Rajagopal. This rumor is not a pall stop, though he says that he does not compete anywhere. Do not smoke without a smoke .. something happens. That's why they do not have such a campaign

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