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Jagan's promises are going beyond castles ....

Ananthapur, December 19, ( only way to come to power is to target political leaders. For this reason .. they do not hesitate to push any promises to attract the people without the use of practical means. Jagan Mohan Reddy, Leader of Opposition, is on the pad right now. Announcing something about welfare .. that is what the government has been doing and the government is doing the same thing ... In this context, many people feel that the Jagan is hoping to increase hopelessness and increase greed. If the jagan's standards are on the festivities .. If it comes into the background, then people are coming out of the trail of difficulties. Jagan is currently in Padayatra in Anantapur district. Generally the parties are reluctant to vote bank politics. He is also trying to impress the Dwarkra women who are crucial in the vote of the common man. The Chandrababu Government has been the backbone of a community of women already created by the Dwarka loan waiver. Jagan Mohan Reddy, who is paying for Dwakra women's loans, will not be able to pay the money to the banks ... directly to the lady's hand. As soon as the gains, you can go to the banks and get the receipts. In the four installments Jagan says that after the Chief Minister you will give your hand Hours. It is good to pay off the loans .. Pay the banks and make it easier for people or women to be freed. And the fears that they are somewhat more likely to be fatal are the worst of the women. If the government directly lends the loan to the bank, the women will be free. If money is handed over to them, then the other needs If you spend it .. so the banks are left out. Oki many fear the risk of falls. Many people say that they should release the people's debt to the government, but they should not be more of them. Jagan can vote for votes but many feel that they are good for the people to give a long term perspective.

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