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Infinite drought distances from fruit gardens

Ananthapur, December 14, ( district is the largest district in the state where the state is doing business here. The Suit Commission is responsible for up to 20 per cent. Crops, stockpiles, or more are damaged in crop storage. The crop was not allowed to move to other parts of the sale.
More than 87 thousand 71 farmers in 1.74 lakh hectares are in the farming area of Anantapur, Kadri, Dharmavaram, Thadipatri, Hindupur, Kalyanadurgam and Rayudhir region. The yield of saline is about 3 crores 48 lakhs 15 thousand 112 tonnes. Each season receives 10 to 12 lakh metric tons of yield. The farmers should go to Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi to sell it. The district is mostly cheeky. About 2,000 crore turnover is on sale, however, as farmers are losing their rates. Grapes will be in Anantapur, Rappuram, Chennikekattapalli and Ramagiri. Farmers will have to go to Bangalore, Orissa to sell the grapes. Papaya cultivation is widespread throughout the district. The farmers have to go directly to Bangalore and Mumbai. Otherwise, the Dalits will join. Farmers are selling crops that are grown in the market. This is what rate the drivers say. Farmers suffer serious losses due to the Dalits. There are a lot of events that have been destroyed without giving money to farmers. So far, farmers tend to take the distance away and feel it is better than selling the katikku than the loser. The government still wants to provide marketing facilities to horticultural crops in Anantapur district.

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