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Increased cyber crime in the city

Hyderabad, December 28, ( crime rate in Hyderabad has been reduced, "said Hyderabad SI Srinivasa Rao. Chainsaws have fallen by 47 per cent compared to last year. Last year, 16691 FIRs were registered and 14479 FIRs were registered this year. However, this year cyber crime has increased, with the Hawk Eye received 25701 complaints. He said 2831 property crimes were registered. Chain snatching was down 47 percent compared to last year. Last year, 97 cases were registered and 51 cases were registered this year. This year 58 murders took place. Last year, 185 kidnapp cases were registered and 193 kidnapp cases were registered. This year 3256 cases were solved by cc cameras. 746 children were saved by Operation Smile, Mus Khan. 3803 people were jailed in drunk and drive. A total of 2,16,28,000 fines were collected and 24 crores were collected in traffic chains. 285 people died in road accidents in the city. There were 25 dowry deaths and 1171 cases of molestation cases against women. 11 women were murdered and 157 rumors were recorded. 124 kidnappings were registered. A total of 187 people were arrested in drug trafficking cases, including 18 foreigners arrested. A total of 94 drugs have been registered. Similarly, 9 pseudo-police, who threatened the innocent, went to jail. This year, 812 cases of vehicle robbery have been registered.

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