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Congress MPs blocking Sachin

New Delhi, December 21, ( Sachin Tendulkar is ready to speak in Rajya Sabha today for the first time. But between the members of the Congress, the Master Blaster could not open the account in his first innings. Tendulkar has been appearing for the first time in Rajya Sabha today to debate under a short notice. At the same time, the Opposition members are shouting slogans by protracting Prime Minister's remarks. Sachin stood up in the House to talk about sports. But there are concerns. Congress members insisted on apologizing to Prime Minister. Heavily shouted and shouted. The House has become confusing. Sachin Tendulkar could not speak on sports. In his debut speech, Tendulkar failed in the Rajya Sabha. Then chairman Venkiah Naidu intervened. Opposition members were asked not to shout. But they did not listen. Venkayya was angry. Speaking about sports, he expressed concern over the members. The young players will be inspired by Sachin, "he said. Venkiah is serious about whether he is talking about the sports gem of India. However, the House was postponed tomorrow after the slogans stopped.

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