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Charminar pedestrian project works quickly

Hyderabad December 25 ( Chairmenar Piedestrian project was convened at a meeting of the High Council of Ministers on the Charminar Pedestrian project to develop the neighborhoods along with Charminar, one of the international tourist destinations, to complete the work in December 2018. With the completion of the Charminar Piedestrian project, the number of tourists has increased and the locals will be more economically strengthened and hope that living standards will be increased. The Charminar Project suggested that the implementation of expansion, internal road identity and expansion should be taken up. Importantly, Charminar is also offering preference for parking accommodations for visitors along with visitors, including a vacant space in the Kulikatubas Urban Development Office and a multi-floor parking under the Murgi Chowk underground. Murgih Chowk suggested setting up of old objects and sales shops. Naveen Mittal, secretary of the municipal department, said that all branches of the department wanted more coordination to complete the Charminar Pedestrian project in December 2018. Naveen Mittal announced that the CPP will review two separate committees at the highest level and at the level of the review and speed up. These committees will meet every 15 days and review the works. The primary negotiations on the creation of the tram transport system near the city of Charminar in the city have been completed and the Prospect team will come to Hyderabad in January. He said the tram movement is being implemented as part of the Hyderabad Road Development Scheme. Charminar projected 50 per cent of the project work. There are cases in courts regarding the assets to be completed to complete the construction of these roads, he said. It would be decided by a special committee if the proposals to refuse to give permission for new constructions in the surrounding areas along with Charminagar. Charminar pedestrian project work began almost a decade but the work was still inconclusive. In the aftermath of this work, street vendors are advised not to lose their livelihood without any loss.

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