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Allu Sirish, VI Anand, "okka kshanam" Complete Sensor, Grand Release on December 28

( a family entertainer like Srirastha goodwill, Allu Sirish is the hero and Surabhi couple where the film is directed by VIRA Anand directed by TERRIC BLACKBASTER, directed by Chakri Chigurupathi on the production company Lakshmi Narasimha Entertainments production company. Srinivas Needalaala and Sairat Kapoor are playing key roles. The recently released teaser got an excellent response. The film censor programs have also received a certificate of completion. A superb response from sensors has come. The image unit is sensitive to the sensor members. Melodi Brahma Mani Sharma songs are going to be a special attraction for the film. On December 28th, a moment around the world is going to be released.

Speaking on this occasion, the filmmakers say that Allu Sirish is the heroine of our heroine in the banner of Surabhi. From the title post we released, teaser and song got all the best. The film is linked to two parallel lives. One Eye Anand with the concept of each other's future Future. Sensor programs are also completed and UuBe certified. The sensor has been well received by the members. We are releasing grand worldwide on December 28th. Allu Sirish is playing the lead role after the super hit movie 'Sree Narasu', which is followed by a block buster like Chitwada, where VI Anand is directing the film. Senior technicians such as Abburi Ravi, Chota K Prasad and Shyam K Naidu are working on the film. "He said.

Actors - Allu Sirish, Surabhi, Srinivas Needalaala, Sireath Kapoor, Kasi Vishwanath, Rohini, Jayaprakash, Praveen, Satya, Sudarshan, Vaiva Harsha, Prabhas Sreenu, Raghu Karamandhi, Billy Murali, Ravi Varma, Suresh Sudha, Prana Language, Bhindu, Pranav, Badram and others

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