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The reason for delay in metro TRS: TTDP .

Hyderabad, November 27, ( TTDP leader Ravula Chandrashekhar Reddy said that the ruling party is not the only one in the metro rail project. On Monday he spoke to the media. The original Metro proposals would be brought to the party. The Congress Party has maintained it. He was criticized for delaying the metro and the ruling party for the party, not the other. Thousands of rupees have been burdened by the delay of the Chief Minister KCR. Rao said that the ticket prices would increase. Metro prices initially seem to be a different way of now. With a three year delay, the construction burden increased to an additional 5 to 6000 crore. He also alleged that the Chief Minister had continued this kind of work in the construction of irrigation projects. Hyderabad Metro prices for Delhi Metro are very different. He asked me to answer why the metro prices were high in Hyderabad. Rao said that the TGP government is the only one that has been organizing the GCE Conference in Hyderabad. He said he welcomed the arrival of the American president's daughter, Evanca.

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