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Happiness and Aishwarya: .. The house should be the same|.Today the astrologer explained about the layout of the house. That's not the bathroom in the south-east. We should not weigh in the middle of the house. The north side should not be absorbed, and the structures on the northern frontier should not be made of stairs or stairs. The kitchen should be arranged in the south-east. If the north-east corner of the house is north of the street, it is said that the riches come in abundance. In the east, if the vacant space is high, the northeast side should have the stairs on the west side of the bathroom. The northeast portion of the air lighting should be preferred. The northeast can be either north-east or north or north. The northeastern portion can be either borewell, well or potholes, in the opposite direction, which is not in the southwest part. In the Northeast, the fireplace does not fit in. In the northeastern side, there is a bathroom where there is a dentist, which causes all diseases of the wash basin.Letter and bathroom can be arranged in the western and southern halves. Cooking in the south-east corner of the south chamber should be constructed. In the northwest part there should be no cloths and the water used for the north-east can be taken out. If the east end is low in height, the wealth of prosperity will grow. In the eastern part of the house should be constructed less than one pregnancy. Water in the home and rain water should not be drained out of the northeast, but should not be tapped in the North East or stairway to the north-east. Toilets must be built only when necessary in the north. If the stockpiles are baked in the broom, the bonanza goes away. The rules of the layout in the Northeast are important. The northeast is the place where the eastern north meets. In the Northeast, Ishvarudu or Poojaandiram Goddess places the water in the role of the house is calm in the house. This place is unique in Vasu science. It is important that all the places are important. There is a steady wealth if it is outside or inside a sock or a well. If the north or the lowest is at a low level, there is a loneliness in the house. If the northeastern part is damaged, the owner of the house will be away from home. Do not have to move on to any of the other places in the rest of the house like the Dabah and the rest of the house. How do Puja and Vasu Puja do? Why do you do it There is nothing but a graveyard on earth. Wherever we want to be, there is only one body or soul that has survived in that place. Earth has three types of bugs. Skinny, vision error, shameless error, is the fault of some types of insect insects that are touching. Focus error

is a fault of the brutality of the people. Death or Shawya's error means there are no remnants of the body of the dead body, where the dead place is not dead. So the cone is set up to increase the holiness in such a place called the Pooja or Vastu Puja. Hence the construction of a basic body can be called a land puja or foundation or vasu puja, so as to increase the holiness in the place, again constructing a structure like the body formed by the Panchaboothas. Pooja process In the first place, the person who owns the land or the land is worthy of their name. Then the puja arrangements should be made with the help of the priest. The first Puja Ganapati Puja impediments can be removed from the house and the house puja. The second is to remove all kinds of impurities and perform sacrilegious puja. Third, the nine planets of the Sun are worshiped. The eagle is worshiped by the shrouded by the gemstone wrapped in the jute cloth, which is made of puja wood. In the northeast corner of the building, the foundation of this cone is laid and worshiped. This is also known as Vastu Puja.

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