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Hyderabad, December 1, ( Hyderabad Police Commissionerate has been delivering technological reforms and providing quick service to the people. The Hawk-Eye Mobile App has been used by the Hyderabad police three years ago to reach the city people in all respects. This mobile application was made available to the public for public purposes. Within days of being available, there was a significant response from the public. This app was used as a hawk eye on the community, and each citizen policeman was designed to get the services faster. The mobile app has been declared a country and overseas. The Hawk-Eye app was introduced to track women's safety route for women's safety. This option is available in Hawk Eye related to police in the Ola Cab App. The Hyderabad Police Mobile App used by the city police is particularly useful for the internal service of the Police Department, while Hawk Eye is used as a bridge between the public and the police. These two mobile applications will be available to the public. Both mobile applications will be provided to the state montage department. The Hyderabad police are using Hawk-Eye to ensure that we are for every woman traveling to the cabs in the city. There are special features available for hack iphone security. Photographs, videos, and videos should be uploaded before a bus, train, cabs, autos and taxis are available from one place to another. Once you reach the destination safely you have the option to send your views about the journey. But it's more simplified. Additions were added to track the route of traveling by women. When a woman with the Hawk-Eye Mobile App is loaded, the SOS (Save My Soul) button is clicked. It asks where it's going from. If you pick the vehicle, select the destination location and select the root option. Automatically your route will be tracked. If the root of your choice will change, the police will be alerted within seconds. The police are under surveillance until you leave the vehicle ... This allows every woman to travel safely. Currently Ola cab operators have created technology to automatically connect to Hawk-Eye in their mobile app. A passenger who travels in the Ola cab presses the SOS button on her mobile and it directly goes to the Hyderabad police. Police intelligence will continue on the passing vehicle.

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