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Checks go on

New Delhi, November 24, ( government gave clarity on reports that the government would soon check, check book checks. The Finance Ministry Thursday said that there is no proposal to withdraw the bank check book facility. The Finance Ministry has tweeted that the media is in the news that the government will withdraw the bank check facility soon to promote digital transactions, but there is no such proposal. Earlier this week, Pravin Khandelwal, general secretary of All India Trade Union (CAT), said: "The central government will be able to withdraw the check book facility in the near future for promotion of digital transactions. Currently over 95 percent of transactions are made through cash and checks. Transactions increased through checks after decreasing cash transactions after dematerialization. Digital transactions are followed in the mixed trend after dematization. But there is no doubt that pre-demanization is not going to increase overall cashless payments compared to the preceding months. At present, Rs 16.3 lakh crore is in cash. According to RBI data, digital transactions rose by 31 per cent from November last year to September this year. Digital transactions reached 877 million in September.

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