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Chandrababu is embarrassed about the central government.

Chandrababu is embarrassed about the central government.
The center is written with a letter written.

Vijayawada ,November 30 (way2newstv):Chandrababu expressed disappointment over the central government's attitude towards AP. He said in the Assembly that the Central Government had written a letter on Polavaram Tender yesterday. Polavaram said at the time of completion, certain tasks would have to be handed over to the other under 60. The tenders were called after talking to the union minister ... Now the letter has been written again and the chaos has come. The electorate hike is also up to date. The constituencies have to be raised to 225, but the matter is being pending in the center. Asked about land for various tasks, he said, "We have landed to AIIMS in Mangalagiri and land for development of airports. Central and tribal Vishwidis are also going to come. 62 have been sent to Delhi for implementation of the dividends, but the result has been lost, "said Chandrababu. Recall that the Center had previously said that it will provide revenue deficit funds. In order to complete the Polavaram project, it is yet to collect 60 thousand acres of land. He said that the Metro train will be set up with PPP policy for Visakhapatnam. Only Vijayawada's Light Metro is possible.

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