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Kanna-Lakshminarayana, who is an AP BJP president who met Prime Minister Modi

New Delhi June 13 (
Lakshminarayana on Tuesday met Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the BJP's president. Then talked to the media. I am grateful and thankful to Modi. He said he would have a good faith in me. I explained to Modi that he would work to bring the BJP to power in the AP in the 2019 elections. AP is committed to the development of the state, Modi said. Modi said to AP people that Chandrababu is committed to the development of state. We have completed 85 percent of the work in the law and 15 percent will be completed soon. Modi said he would be along with the people of the AP. He said that he had reportedly told the Prime Minister to complete 12 items related to the AP. Funds for Vizag Railway Zone, Kadapa Steel Factory, Tribal University, Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada Metro Rail, Petro Chemical Complex, Backward Districts, Rs 50 crore to Rs 150 crore, Allocation of Funds for Educational Institutions, Ramayapatnam Port, GST Tax Inspects for Backward Districts, Industrial Corridor for Four Rayalaseema Districts, Funding for development of tribal and fisheries cars, Modi has been given a memorandum to give tax concessions to the turuppu incubation centers. Fraud is spreading falsehoods.

Kanna-Lakshminarayana, who is an AP BJP president who met Prime Minister Modi
 When Modi asked Chandrababu to set up an SP to develop AP, Babu did not go ahead with the BJP and tried to sabotage Modi. Modi told people to explain the fraud in the state of Chandrababu. The BJP is going to work on the door since June 20. People will be asked to help the state through the pamphlets. The funds for various schemes of the AP are to tell the people how the grants have been given the center. Polavaram Pratipa Center is given. It is ridiculous that the dream of Chandrababu is fulfilled at the center, "he said. Rayalaseema does not have a drops of water, but if he completes his hand, he will appreciate Chandrababu. I have distorted my comments that Jagan will support NDA candidate during the presidential election.

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