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Hyderabad,May 22,(
The TTDP leader L. Ramana said the Telangana state Mahanadu would be held on 24th of this month. He said the arrangements have been made for TTDP Mahanadu. Talking to the media on Tuesday, TRS assures, farmers' suicides, unemployment problems and unfinished projects will be resolved in Mahanadu. Ramana said five resolutions will be introduced in the National Mahanadu. He also criticized TRS in the country in promoting party deficiencies. In the wrong way, the BJP has been punished in the public court. Minimumanadan is held in 17 of the state's constituencies. TDP has brought political changes in Telangana. KCR has spent Rs 5 lakh crore in four budgets and has failed to provide government benefits to the people. Talk on projects before 2014 The KCR government ignored the education and medical field. When TDP government comes, Pramati Bhavan will be transformed into a public hospital, said Ramana. TDP Newswinners provide promotions. The TDP will include youth in the 2019 elections. Give advice to the people of Telangana. He said that a great response was made to TDP in Telangana.


Another TDP leader, Rao Chandrasekhara Reddy, said that in 2019 Telangana government will not be formed without TDP. He criticized the farmers' scheme, which was introduced by the government, not to make mistakes. Good luck to me from TDP's first ever haul. In the NTR Ghat, you will go to Mahanadu. Chandrababu Naidu will participate in the afternoon program. TDP has played a key role in the national level. Modi is the most vulnerable Prime Minister in the history of Modi. He said that the Center failed to implement the guarantees in the Telugu States Reorganization Act. KCR's farmers' scheme is wrong. There are five resolutions in common. 8 lakh people lost their jobs in the KCR regime. Farmers in the farmer's livelihood scheme have gained their rights. TDP has a long time for Telugu people. In Telangana, in 2019, he said that government was not formed without TDP.

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