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Hyderabad,May 24,(
The 2018-19 school academic was designed to start classes from June 1 to date. According to the new academic year, from June 1, 2018, to April 12, 2019, the academic year continues. Summer saloons are given from April 13 to May 31, 2019. Pharmaceutical Assessment (F1) July 31, February 2, 2013, from 1st to 8th November 2013, on February 30 and February 30, FA 4 exams will be held on 31 January and one to nine classes on February 28. From March 30 to April 8, from one to nine classes, the preliminary examinations (tenth class) should be held before February 28. 


Class year annual examinations should be conducted in the second week of March. Dasara holidays from 9 to 21 October (13 days) will be held in the state. Dasara holidays have been reduced to two days earlier. Two days to the sands. Sankranti vacations (seven days) were announced from January 11 to 17, 2019. From December 23 to 29 Christmas holidays (for Christian minority schools) were announced. State school games will be completed by October 1. All six primary and upper primary schools are required to conduct six school complexes in each academic year. The calendar will be held in July, August, September, November, January, and February. School Annual Day programs will be held in December / January next year. Everyday Fridays should be handled every day. Fourth Saturday of the week is to conduct a pure school/kitchen. Every day, the child will be held on the first Saturday. The school management committee (SMC) will hold a meeting on the first day of the week. The government has made it clear that government and private schools should be implemented.

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