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Visakhapatnam, May 9, (
The movement to be set up in Visakhapatnam railway zone opened for controversy in the Telugu Desam Party. In the midst of differences between the ministers in the district already, the head of the clerk was heading a clash between the latest minister's hour and Anakapalli MP Muththisheeta. Since joining the Praja Rajyam Party, both of them joined the TDP at the same time during the last election. However, the distance between these two days is growing. In this backdrop, two separate programs for the Railways were discussed.
Party MLAs Bandar Satyanarayana Murthy, Panchakarla Ramesh Babu, representatives of various job associations and political parties attended the meeting of the non-political JAC in a recent hotel under the auspices of minister Balda Srinivasa Rao. The initiative to organize this conference was hourlySrinivasaa Rao. The JAC meeting was held last Sunday in order to fight the rail zone. The minister announced that the JAC would be set up with public and job groups. Consequently, the meeting was organized and the JAC was arranged. Anakapalli MP Muttamsetty Srinivasa Rao released a statement the same day that he had received an invitation to the meeting last week. NJV President Eswaran Rao invited MP Muttasetty to attend the JAC meeting. This angered him.
There are differences already between ministers Ayyannapathrudu and Banta Srinivasa Rao in the district. Even if the head of the Chandrababu Naidu himself said, There are no files that worked together. The differences between the ministers are affecting the party and district development. This problem is a big headache to the party ... there is a fracture between the bells and the bells of the same category. 


The recent hourly stance is going on with the announcement of being dissatisfied. In the upcoming elections, the party wants to compete for the assembly. He feels that he has won the bail in the past as a safe constituency ... Some supporters have set up Flexi in Bhimili. However, it was reported that the hourly followers had been disturbed by the removal of the followers.
With this, Jon decided to fight for himself. The arrangements were made accordingly. Earlier, MLAs, who were close to him in the party, informed the leaders and sat on a one-day fast in the railway station at 9 am on the 6th of this month. Generally, there is no permission for concerns and initiations in the railway station premises. Muttamsetti knew about the matter and went with the followers and suddenly sat on the ticket counter. For many decades, there have been many struggles in Uttarakhand for Railways. Banana Srinivasa Rao, Mutthanthaseeti Srinivasa Rao's struggle in this background is a blessing. However, the criticisms that the party is at an all-time long is being heard from the cadre.
Party sources have commented that the differences between the two sides are high. A senior leader believes that the party leaders are working separately if the movement on Railways in Visakhapatnam is good enough for the Chief Minister Chandrababu. Urban President Vasuppally Ganesh Kumar also accompanied Muththyintet at the railway station. Senior MLA Velagopady Ramakrishna Babu, Gajuwaka legislator Palla Srinivasa Rao, and others were solidarity to Muthanthaseeti. Minister Banerjee Srinivasa Rao said at the JAC meeting that he would give full support to the movement.

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