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Mumbai,May 28,(
As usual, prices of petrol and diesel continued to rise on Monday. In Mumbai, petrol was up 43 paise to Rs 86.08. This is the 15th day in a row. On the other hand, diesel prices rose by 44 paise to Rs. Reached 73.64. Petrol price in Delhi rose 44 paise to Rs 78.27 and diesel by 42 paise to Rs 69.17 per liter. Petrol and diesel prices do not seem to change the central government's style. With international oil prices hovering over, the fuel prices in the country have gone to a higher level. However, political parties have criticized the NDA government. However, the Modi-led government does not seem to turn back. Some people in the government sources said the government did not intend to reduce the excise duty on them to reduce the prices of petrol and diesel. Now, the Center is concerned that the reduction of tariffs on petrol and diesel will affect government revenues and thereby affect the funds utilized for welfare programs.


In the last two days, international crude oil barrel has declined by 2 dollars, but in our country there is no impact. Besides, there is no possibility of a political decision to take a political decision as there are no political benefits for the decline in petrol and diesel at the end of the Karnataka election. Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh will have elections in November. Analysts say government officials feel that there is a time to reduce fuel prices by then.

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