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MAY 26, (
Cast: Ravi Teja, Malavika Sharma, Jagapathi Babu, Ali, Prithvi, Posani Krishnamurali etc
Producer: Ram Taluri
Story, screenplay and direction: Kalyan Krishna
Ravi Teja is the c/o address for super hit movies in the past. However, the following flags were also introduced. But the hit tiger again with the Bengal Tiger, Touching and not looking too impressed, the audience again came up with a nela tikettu. 'Soggaday Chinniyanayana', 'Rarandoyi veduka chuddam', we have two hit films in the Kalyan Krishna Direction with huge expectations. Is the movie coming with the pakka mass title?  Let's look at the review ..


Story: The nela ticket (Ravi Teja) is an orphan. every time happy person. He calls someone else in the rows. Finally the Lord. Aditya Bhupathi (Jagapathi Babu) on the other hand Kannathadri (Sharat Babu) kills for money. Home Minister is waiting for Chief Minister to emerge from office. Why did Aditya Bhupathi clash between the nela ticket? How did Aditya faced a land ticket? Is the rest of the story.
How is it: Soggaday Chinniyana, 'Rarandoyi veduka chuddam' Kalyan Krishna hatrick. Rothin Stori has done the movie. The battle between the good and the bad has been seen for many years. But Taking did not take any difference. The scope of the film is very well done. Even if the hero like Ravi Teja is getting more plus point, the director did not use it properly. Stories have been linked to a few scenes from the beginning of the story. The first half did not show the story properly.
Second half was not too impressive. There are no seals or heavy casting .. A spectator can not be in the story. Ravi Teja Energy, the entertainment provided by it laughs scared. But the whole movie did not continue to be the same tempo director. The director in the climax seems to be very confused. The scenes that the villain did not change in the climax was not even heard. The songs became like speed breakers to the story.
How did Ravi Teja look at energy in the film as usual Raviteja has taken a single film on the shoulders. But in Story, there is no strength in the role of hero. Malavika Sharma is the heroine of the glamor show. Raviteja did not have much chemistry. Jagapathi Babu did the villain well .. Director failed to deal with the character. Not many people have used them properly. The lack of actual dialogues for Brahmanandam is another minus point for the film. Music director Pariyanath Karthik has failed this time.
Literature in the songs is not even correct. Feeling wrapped in the film. Kalyan Krishna is not the director but the writer and the director.
Plus points

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