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Machilipatnam, May 9, (
The huge bank scam in Krishna district was found in Machilipatnam. The State Bank of India has come to the fore in India's Machilipatnam Main Branch with a debt of over Rs 3 crore. There are details. In the form of cess to the library in the district, the public money will be credited to the State Bank of India account from the respective funds. Thus, 31 sticks have been issued to the Granthala Cess account while only 25 checks have been issued. The library officials complained to the top officers of the bank when the remaining 6 checks of Rs 3 crore, 56 lakh, 36 thousand and 708 rupees were not credited to the account. 


The bank's top executives were placed in the investigation team. . The inquiry team found that Rs 2 crore 6 lakh was transferred to 10 accounts through mobile banking. Vamsi Krishna Murthy, deputy managing director from March 2015 to March 2018, has been diagnosed as the chief conductor of the scam. The bank manager has lodged a complaint to the police. The Crime Team investigation was launched under DSP Dharmendra. Vamsi Krishna and assistant manager Sharma were detained by police. Regional Manager and Chief Manager have been transferred.

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