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Nellore, May 7, (
The district is steeped in sunny. The temperature range is above 40 degrees. Employment guarantee workers are often worried. The fiery sunny ... the boomers that land on the ground ... the bills for the hands of the workers ... the bills that have been rolled out. The district suffered from a severe rainfall is the 'employment guarantee' scheme. However, due to the neglect of the government and the bureaucracy of the officers, the laborers are falling into the ground. Daytime temperatures are high in the district. But we have achieved the first place in a hundred days' work in the state without providing proper accommodation for the workforce, the officials say the first ranks of horticulture ponds and IHHL in Chandranna and Anganwadi buildings.
The laborers are unable to work long hours. The situation is worse now because the laborers are more involved in the harvest work. In the meantime, the government has provided the first aid for each group in the past to carry out the first treatment. A few years ago, a few drugs were spent. Unable to supply the drugs again, the wage of the laborers can happen. The first aid for the laborers in the workplace is over. Oral packs do not even store vomiting and diarrhea, even in the working places, where the odd packets are dry. 


The condition of the laborers has become anxious when the authorities are not able to provide at least good water. In the summer of last year, the laborers were supplying the buttermilk packets with the area where they worked. But this time the authorities did not raise their waist. Last year, allegations of funding in butterfly distribution were also publicly heard. To this end, the district authorities want to provide adequate accommodation for the wage laborers to achieve their ranks.
There are 32958 labor force groups under the employment guarantee in the district. Of these, 5,84,881 members have job cards. The daily wage for wage employment in employment guarantees has increased from Rs 197 to Rs 205. It is known as a day if it works for Rs 205. Otherwise, the technical assistants are counting the wages depending on the measurements. But if it works up to Rs 205 a day. This will increase a hundred days' work. Allowances will be granted by the government in addition to the summer wage paid by employers. Of these, 20 percent in February, 25 percent in March, 30 percent in April and May and 20 percent in June. From the beginning of this financial year to the end of April, the number of workdays was 7.59 lakh. 153, IHHL. Took place until 449. Solid Waste Management 10, along with C.C. Roads and mining irrigation tanks are underway. Works like fruit gardens, horticultural work and vermin do not go well. In areas where the work is done, the laborers are staying for three to four hours.

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