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Nalgonda, May 9, (
The government has been neglected to support the families of farmers who are unable to meet their debts. There is a serious delay in the financial grant for the families of the victims who were involved in the violence. The affected family members are moving around the collectorate. Yet the government does not release funds to finance. As a result, the affected families face financial difficulties.
"The then Congress government in the joint state gave Rs.1.50 lakhs to the financially afflicted families to sustain the farmers 'families who were victims of farmers' livelihood or forced trafficking. Rs.50,000 to meet loan in 1.50 lakhs and Rs. Following the creation of Telangana, in June 2014, the Government of the Government of India has increased the assistance to farmers who have been forced to abandon their families to Rs 6 lakhs. The government has set up rules and regulations to provide for Rs. 5 lakhs for the victim's family needs.


From June 2014 191 farmers' deaths were identified by government regulations in the district. The government has issued a warrant for granting selected families. Documents were provided to the affected families. No money has been handed to me today. The victims are moving around the collectorate for money. The affected families expect to get some relief from some of the family needs of the government. 47 affected farm families in the district are waiting for help.
The government does not allocate timely funds for the financial sector to the farmers who have been forced into power. The families of the victims are getting worse because the years are not released. In the wake of the idea that some farmers' families could help, the authorities were able to help the families of the families who were willing to help the families of other schemes. The old collectorate space was utilized for the assistance of Rs.1.81 crores and Rs. 1,81 crores for the thermal power project, and other funds available to the collector for the help of farmer families. However, the authorities were forced to submit a number of proposals to the government for a compensation of Rs.2.82 crores for 47 victims. Yet the government is delaying the release of funds.

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