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Amravati, May 26, (
CM Chandrababu responded to the problem of the Uddanam. Kidney patients discussed their medical facilities with officials. Talking to the media later, the pension to the kidneys is the only state in which the AP is the only one. The last governments said nothing to the kidneys and now all patients are treated. Dialysis Centers in Uttarakhand He blamed some of them for doing so. Blood samples have been collected from more than one lakh patients. More than 13,000 people are being treated regularly. Every month 2 thousand 761 patients are paying 2,000 500 pension. 7 Arrow Centers have been allocated for Rs 17 crore and will soon set up more centers. 5 Dialysis Centers and 50 Dialysis missions 3 shifts working. Medical examinations are done once in 15 days by the nephrologist. Palaasa, Sampetta, Palakonda, Srikakulam Ramesh, Dealalis service in Tekkali. Chandrababu said that a specialized laboratory was established in Sampeta for CKD cases.


He said ,Pawan Kalyan's criticism of his government is not correct. The last governments questioned whether the medical service provided this way. TDP's work was not greeted and angered by sending any signals to people by criticizing them. What kind of signs are being pushed into people? More medical services should give advice to the public. And those who do not want to go to the bullets. Pawan has to remember that negative trends are causing damage.

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