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New Delhi, April 21, (
The TPCC leaders met Congress party president Rahul Gandhi on Friday. The two members of MLAs, Komati Reddy and Sampath MLAs, canceled the case and explained the court's ruling. Then they talked to the media. TPCC Chief Uttam Kumar Reddy said that the High Court had ruled that democracy in the state, Rahul congratulated the Congress work and especially appreciated by Komati Reddy. At any level, the fight has to be done. The original house was disrespected. He accused the House of disagreeing in a disagreement. It's not okay to like the majority in the houses. The dictatorship does not work. KCR and Madhusudanachari are going to resign their posts. Rahul also said that he would take two days on the bus trip. There are no differences in the party. Everything is a media creation, he said.


MLA Komati Reddy Venkat Reddy said, Rahul, all the time and congratulated both of us.And said congratulations to Ravishankar. We have to work hard to bring the party to power in Telangana. Apart from the groups, we will defeat the KCR and bring the Congress to power. Rahul learned the consequences in the state from the month of June. Delhi arrived at the call of Rahul and came to meet them. Rahul's message in a 45-minute long meeting brought us a boon. The court verdict inspires you to fight in all matters with you. We will continue the struggle on KCR government.

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