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April 23, (
The field is ready to check for deadly HIV. The two anti-retroviral drugs currently used by HIV are composed of tanofafovir and FTC. Scientists say that this vaccine prevents an enzyme used to penetrate new cells into the HIV virus. PREP vaccine provides protection against 90 percent of HIV virus. Istundani found. The vaccine is now available for up to 18 weeks by the vaccine, and the virus is said to be the reason for the new immune system to escape the immune system. However, some vaccines can be added to protect the vaccine for one year. HIV infection takes about 5 to 10 years for the symptoms of the disease after entering the body. 
Most of these symptoms are exposed to other infections as a result of reduced HIV infection, which reduces the immune system in the body. The symptoms of HIV infection may continue for a few months from a few weeks. These symptoms also appear in other infections, so the victim does not suspect that the HIV infected herself. These symptoms should not be considered as a disease unless it has been diagnosed with one or two of these tests. After the insects are absorbed into the body, they can be separated and increased and the number of months from months to the end of the immune system is ruptured. During this time the test is done by HIV. Not known to be positive. However, the victims will be able to spread the disease to another. 


The anti-inflammatory antibodies in the body begin to be prepared to fight these disorders. At that time the test resulted in HIV positive. After the absence of flu-like symptoms, the victims live healthy for at least ten years of symptoms. However, at the time, these insects continue to weaken the immune system. This AIDS phase is 10% weight loss, frequent diarrhea and frequent fever appear to be the main symptoms. The role played by CD 4 cells in the immune system is very important. The degree to which the immune system is destroyed can be determined by the number of CD 4 cells. CD cells are also known as a T-helper cell. The cells of the CD 4 cells in every single milliliters are between 500 and 1500 blood. If you do not take proper treatment, the CD 4 count will be reduced significantly. 
As a result, the HIV symptoms begin to appear. In the 10-15 years, CD 4 cells are severely damaged, the number is reduced, the virus rises, and the HIV positive person goes to the Aids. It can be detected by early HIV antibody testing. However, this test will have a six-month 'window period' period from six weeks to a definite result. HIV's presence can be traced further through the 'PCR' test. This infection spreads to others because of the sexual relationship with the infected person. Of those infected with the disease, 85 were sexually acquired. The use of drugs and the use of a single syringe, the needle is the most commonly used, which can spread through blood transfusions. The infant is infected with a mother who has HIV or can spread during birth or during birth. This disease spreads without cleaning the surgical devices.

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