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Vijayawada, April 5, (
Krishna basin is reflecting like desert. In the early days of the summer, the tropical rains show the Krishna basin desert. Due to the availability of water, it is evident that the draining of fresh water for the next four months is very evident. The water level in Srisailam and Nagarjunasagar reservoirs has reached the Deadstone. Supply of good water to 30 municipalities based on Krishna Basin in two Telugu states has become a challenge. Jurala, Srisailam, Nagarjunasagar and Pulichinthala in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, only 583.31 tmc water is available only to 162.86 tmc water. In the Penna Basin, it is available only 21.98 tmc of water to 172.98 tmc combined with Somasila, Kandaleru, Velugodu and Chitravati Balancing Reservoir. Water reserves in all reservoirs have fallen to the anxiety as long as Almaty is below the barrage barrage. Cultivation engineers are predicting that water available in Krishna and Penna basin is sufficient till May 15 as the prevailing drought is likely to aggravate. The southwest monsoon begins in June. 


The rains will not reach Jurassa, Srisailam and Nagarjunasagar unless the projects are covered in Krishna Basin, Almatty, Narayanpur and above the Krishna Basin. After Alamatty, Karnataka does not come down to the bottom of the water. Thus, in June and July of this year, the heavy rains are filled with Alamatty, and in August the water will reach Srisailam. The supply of fresh water to the next five months is now a challenge for both state governments. 31 tmc water has already been used by Telangana in the 31.5 tmc water. Andhra Pradesh has said that it is possible to use another 17 tmc water. Capacity of the tigers 45 tmc. But due to neglect of the Andhra government, water storage is being delayed due to delayed payments to Telangana. At present, only 0.24 tmc of pulses is present. At present there are availability of 0.24 tmc of water at the rate of 0.328 tmc for 09.68 tmc, 31.35 tmc for 215.81 tmc, 128.13 tmc in Nagarjunasagar, 312.05 tmc and 45.77 tmc in Pulichila.

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