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Medak, April 18, (
Governments are implementing the Employment Guarantee Scheme to prevent employment migration in the rural areas. They are working to ensure the work of the laborers. With this scheme, millions of laborers are benefiting. However, in recent years, many people have been indifferent to employment. Because they are more than the amount paid out by the government, they are looking forward to it. The central government raised the wage to Rs 205 from Rs 197. This means that the scheme is wasted and the laborers have the potential to utilize the employment guarantee scheme efficiently. The wages of the government are rising as wages increase. As it is now summer, the tasks under this scheme are going to work. Because excavation of ditches in fields,  Gorgeous in ponds are going to be widespread. As a result, the laborers have to work with hand. There are a lot of opportunities to be interested in the work of the laborers.


The increased wage will benefit more than 4 lakh workers in Medak district. In the current fiscal, officials have been targeting Rs 30 lakh worth of jobs. There are currently plenty of employment guarantee work in summer. In this year, the families who have completed the hundred days have decided to do the job again. Fisheries, ponds, farm ponds and ponds are engaged in indiscriminate activities. It is hoped that employment generation will be hoped for this season. At present, 57,344 laborers are present at each district in each district. The central government has decided to pay Rs 205 per day from April 1. There is a possibility that the laborers will be more interested in increased salaries. Increasing employment and employment opportunities. The summer season is meant to provide health care for the welfare of the laborers as well as the provision of tests in areas where the work is done and the provision of basic treatment. The wages are required to take precautions without water shortage.

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