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Beijing, April 24, (
Telangana delegation on China's visit to Shanghai, V.E. M company assembled with representatives. He recalled that China had maintained good relations with India and that Buddhism had been given to India from India. Chinese pilgrims like Fahiyan, Huang Tsang, visited India 2,000 years ago and introduced the knowledge to China, "he said. The Industrial Revolution in Europe has come to an end, and the industrial revolution in our two countries has just begun, and he wants both countries to move forward with mutual cooperation. Hong Tao said he hoped that VEM also wanted to play a role in this effort. If Telangana state is willing to set up a unit in India, the Telangana government has given you a good industrial policy. Asked to contact the Telangana government in this issue. Explained their company units in Germany and their products by Power Point Presentation. Their company was founded in 1886 in Germany, and in 86 countries, the power plants are supplying various machinery. 


He said that they have the capacity to make machine tools from 0.06 kilo watt to 42 megawatts and are ready to make even larger machines. In Germany, there are 5 machine tools manufacturing units, including 1200 engineers and technicians, and 300 technical services in the country, "he said. 200 million euros annual turnover has been reported to the company. The Telangana government has laid down large amplifier schemes, which requires heavy electrical machinery, your advisor Penta Reddy said. We are going to refer to our agencies about VEM. But Engineer in Chief Anil and adviser Penta Reddy suggested that a service center should be set up before the unit is set up in India. VEM Company Deputy General Manager Hong Tao H welcomed the Telangana team. The meeting was attended by Engineer in Chief Anil Kumar, Lift Advisor Pendareddy, Irrigation Minister OSD Sridhar Rao Pandey, Genco Engineer Vasudev, Naviyuga Representative Mallinath.

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