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Amravati, April 18, (
The government has decided to set up the NRM and Contract Employees who are working in different Devadayas in the state. Deputy Chief Minister and Revenue minister KE Krishnamurti said. Devadaya deputy Secretary Suryanarayana, Devadaya department Legal Advisor K.Surya Rao (Retired Judge), Regional Joint Commissioners 1 & 2 (EO Dwarka Tirumala, Srikalahasti). In the wages of the work of the shrine, the distinguished officials of the department were reviewed. On the other hand, the Durgagudi governing body, the EO Padma, and the temple officials met with the Sub-Committee. The Durga Malleshwaraswamy Temple asked the governing council to crush the prestige. The members of the holy shrine in the state capital would have to remember that no small incident happened, but the government's image is damaged.


Durga Malleshwara Swamy Temple and the Sub-Divisional Minister of EO discussed the facilities provided in the temple. Asked board members to give your advice and instructions to improve the functioning of the temple and make the view of the devotees. There are steps to be taken to set up a clinic on the hill to provide medical facilities to the devotees. The summer intensity of the sight of the devotees coming to visit the temple the butter milk and water should not arrange to make arrangements. In the temple, Devadaya staff members have been questioned by the authorities that they have been accused of over a period of time since they have been working in one place and have the opportunity to transfer them to other temples. The temple executive board questioned the EO as to how to administer an administrative officer separately to administer the temple in the Durga Malleshwara Swamy Temple as the Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanam.

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