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 Adilabad, April 19 (
Thieves fell into the corporation. The employees and bankers who worked in the department committed a huge corruption. The bogus names were created and the government subsidized on the borrowed loans. In the two banks of Adilabad city, about Rs 30 lakh was recovered and sent to the government. The government has suffered a disadvantage of loan in the face of irregularities. An employee who has been suspended in Adilabad has been absconding with allegations of corruption. There is a lot of criticisms about the disappearances of all the files in the office.
The government provides subsidized units to support the social classes of backward classes. The bank had distributed loans of Rs 21.78 crore to 1407 by BC Corporation in 2015-16 across the Adilabad District. Of this, Rs. 13 crore has been given the government subsidy. In the present Adilabad district, Rs.3.77 crore concession is given to 472 people. 


The bank officials have colluded with officers and employees working in the department. Bogus names were created and heavily subsidized from the government to banks. Receipt of applications for new loan is currently underway.
The jurisdiction to conduct a joint inquiry into the joint district was made in nominal inquiry in two banks of Adilabad. The preliminary inquiry has revealed that 24 bogus names in Bank of India in Adilabad city were Rs 19.20 lakh and 12,900 in SBI. The bank has sunk up to Rs 28.80 lakh on 36 names from these two banks. Bankers have been corrupted by non-operative accounts of the subsidized deposit from the government without the bank lending to the beneficiaries. In fact, the management of these accounts must be done by the bank managers. Still, it is surprising that ATM cards are drawn. A total of Rs.3.20 lakh subsidy was sanctioned by the ATM cardholders on the four names in the Citibank. ATM cards can not be handed to the beneficiaries under any circumstances. But the bogus beneficiaries were drawn by ATM cards and bankers were found. This thing was wrongly entered because of the rolling out of the BSc Corp. The money was sent back to the government. But .. Failed to take criminal actions against Akkam. The government was seriously considering the issue and was not granted loans across the state in the year 2016-17. The application process for loans related to 2017-18  to be continued.
All the files related to the Joint District should be available at Adilabad BCOffice. In the two banks, around 30 lakhs of corruption has come to light and the suspension on an employee has been suspended. He has been absconding since then BC Corp. Eedi hopes that it will not be available yet. Two others were retired. Some files were not handed over to the office, he said. There are allegations of corruption of Rs 10 crore across the joint district. There are also criticisms that bankers in Bangalore, Adhilabad, Bellampalli, Kagaznagar, manchiryala, Mandamari, Nirmal, Jainath and Narnur have been heavily involved in illegal activities. As the districts  in the aftermath of the division of the districts, a large number of corrupt officials are expected to come out of the prosecution.
The bankers are trying hard to get out of this affair with the emergence of corruption. The amount of subsidy that came to the original beneficiaries was misappropriated in the account of a different person .. They tried to avoid the money from them. Subsidy, which was named after A.Sarda, has been deposited in the account of the money laundering. Similarly, P.Ravikumar's subsidy Jogu Potana, Vimala, which was granted the name of the subsidiary Narsimha Food Industry, Radha named Preeti Jogu, Envar Satyanarayana subsidy rams, and Anud and Surekha subsidiary Nareshla accounts instead of Kavitha, reported to the SC corporation. Bank of India and SBI in Adilabad have been severely attempted to cover their errors by misrepresenting the other subsidiary accounts of 38 others from two banks. The bogus accounts are created to win the subsidy money. It is clear that they have made money from them.

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